Holiday Camp's 

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We are so excited to be able to offer you 6 whole days of non-stop fun at Spring break camp this February.

Each session will be action packed and will include lots of gymnastics, fun games and team challenges.


We have developed our holiday camp programme over the past 5 years and its popularity speaks for itself. We absolutely love camp and seeing the kids that come along, enjoy it as much as we do!


Our team of energetic and enthusiast BG qualified coaches are dedicated to giving each child a great day at Camp! Children will make new friends, awesome memories and of course have lots of fun!

Spring Break Camp 

Session 1: Ninja warrior / Parkour Camp 

Monday 11th April 

FULL DAY- 08:45-15:15 

Session 2: Ninja warrior / Parkour Camp

Tuesday 12th April

AM - 08:45 - 12:30

FULL DAY - 08:45-15:15

Session 3: Gymnastics Fun Camp

Wednesday 13th April

AM - 08:45 - 12:30

FULL DAY - 08:45-15:15


Session 4: Gymnastics Fun Camp

Tuesday 19th April

AM - 08:45 - 12:30

FULL DAY - 08:45-15:15

Session 5: Gymnastics Fun Camp

Wednesday 20th April

FULL DAY - 08:45-15:15

Session 6: Gymnastics Fun Camp

Thursday 21st April

FULL DAY - 08:45-15:15




Morning sessions: 08:45-12:30

Morning drop off is between 08:45-09:00 and pick up is between 12-12:30.

*Morning campers have the choice to have lunch with us at 12 or if not they can either do arts & crafts / play with the games & toys in the lunch room while the other children have lunch. You can pick them up at 12 if you prefer. 


Full day sessions: 08:45-15:15

Morning drop off is between 08:45-09:00 and pick up is between 15:00-15:15


Morning session: £17.50 per child

Full day: £27 per child


Discount: 10% sibling discount - Must book via email. 

Members and non members welcome!

Boys and girls, ages 4-13 years.


All individual bookings will be made through the love admin booking system.

Siblings must be booked directly via email

Members - Log on to your love admin account, go to the events tab and follow instructions.

Non members - Use the following link to secure your place:



Limited places available so please book early to avoid disappointment




All children should bring a snack and a water bottle clearly marked with their name. We do have drinking water here if they should need a refill. *We have a strictly no peanuts policy.

Children should dress appropriately for exercise.


If any families are unable to attend session's due to self isolation or other illness, we kindly ask to give us as much notice as possible so we can fill that space. If an alternative session cant be arranged you will be given a refund.