British Gymnastics Membership

This membership is compulsory and includes membership to the British Gymnastics Association (BGA) which encompasses insurance and therefore is essential for participation in gymnastics at any BGA registered club.  In order to adhere to the policies set out by the BGA, new members need to be registered with the association within 3 weeks of commencing participation.  The fee is then due annually at the beginning of each Autumn (September) term.  


One of the many benefits of being a registered member of British Gymnastics is that we arrange insurance designed to protect you whilst you are taking part in the sport.

                                                   The British Gymnastics website provides you with more details about the insurance cover                                                                 including how to make a claim, whether you are a gymnast, coach, judge or someone responsible

                                                   responsible for running a club.


                                                   Insurance coverage provided includes:

  • Legal Liability insurance – protects BG registered clubs, members, coaches, judges should they face legal action for causing an injury to someone or damages someone’s property.

  • Personal Accident insurance – a range of fixed financial benefits are provided in certain circumstances, without the need to prove anyone was negligent.

  • Legal Expenses insurance – specified legal expenses cover is given, supported by a legal telephone helpline. This is for the benefit of member Clubs.

Please go onto the British gymnastics website for more information.

The Annual Membership you require if your child is aged between 4 & 16 is the Bronze Membership and costs £17 per year (1st Oct-31st Sept). If you child is 4 years old and not yet in full time education, BG might offer you Preschool Membership for only £13. If this is the case, go ahead and get this membership as you will still be covered. 
This membership is for gymnasts that are taking part in recreational gymnastics or just starting to take part in local competitions. Whether you are new to the sport and finding out which style of gymnastics you enjoy the most, or you have been taking part for some time and are now competing in local-level competitions, Bronze membership is perfect for you.

What British Gymnastics have to say:

We are here to help, support and advise you at every stage of your membership, whether you are just getting started or are already involved in this exciting sport.

Membership is vital in ensuring that British Gymnastics can continue to help and support you as a valued member and also positively contribute to the growth of the sport.  Interest in the sport has never been stronger and we are fully committed to helping everyone achieve their full potential.

We are a membership organisation – you are the lifeblood of the sport and we recognise that the gymnastics community continues to develop, grow and be successful through the contribution that you make. If you are excited about the possibilities of gymnastics, we can offer you the opportunity to be part of a large and growing community that shares your excitement.

Our pledge to you is that we will work with you to help you achieve your ambitions in gymnastics, whatever they are.

In particular, we will:

  • respond constructively to your queries and requests

  • keep communications clear, precise and jargon free

  • treat you with courtesy, fairness and respect

For more information about British Gymnastics membership and benefits,

please contact Customer Service on 0345 1297 129 ext 2395, or email



Parents should become familiar with the club rules and relevant policies, regarding membership, fee’s, re-enrolment and procedure for regular classes.

Membership: Membership is open to all.

Annual British Gymnastics membership and insurance is required for all gymnasts in independent classes. Not P/C PS Classes

Renewal of membership is due by 1st October and is non refundable nor transferable.

Fees: Fees are paid in advance for each term and are non refundable. There are 3 terms per year

September – December’s, January – April, April – July.

Please inform us if your child no longer requires their place before the beginning of term.

Gymnast / Parent Rules:

Below is a summary for quick reference. Our Rules are in place for the safety and happiness of the gymnasts, as well as the smooth running of all classes (which of course benefits the children as well) …


Gymnasts should:

* Follow their coaches instructions and only do the things they are asked to

* Arrive for class dressed according to the appropriate dress and jewellery rules

* Arrive on time and not leave until dismissed by the coach

* Be kind and respectful to others

* Ensure mobile phones are to be switched off or turned to silent during class​

  • Clothing: Always wear the correct sports attire i.e. leotard / clothes a child can move freely in such as shorts / T-shirt.  Casual trousers and jeans are not correct training attire. Untidy or baggy clothing can be dangerous as it can catch on apparatus or restrict the coach’s ability to support you. Clothing with zips may only be worn during warm-up.

  • Footwear: Gymnastics is usually performed in bare feet. Socks can be worn if your child has verruca’s, but I would advise socks with grip on the bottom. Please ensure your child’s feet are clean.

  • Hair: Hair must be tied back or secured completely off the face. Long hair must be secured in a ponytail(s) or plaited. Soft hair ties only and flat hair clips. No hard protruding decorations. This also applies to pre-schoolers. Having hair tied up prevents injuries by allowing the gymnast to see what they are doing and by not getting it caught in equipment.

  • Jewellery: The wearing of any jewellery whatsoever is strictly prohibited for gymnastics activities. This includes earrings and any other piercings which must be removed for gymnastics class.

J Star Gymnastics accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items. If gymnasts bring valuables (e.g. money / jewellery) into the gym, they are there responsibility. The gym area is a mobile phone free zone unless under special circumstances agreed with the head coach.

Parents Please:

* Arrive on time and wait with your child until your class is called in.

* Ensure your child is dressed appropriately. This includes the removal of jewellery and the securing of hair.

* Do not bring a child who is sick.

* Ensure your contact details and other information we hold is up to date.

-Log into your Love Admin account and update as needed to ensure we have the correct details in case of emergency

* Parents are NOT allowed in the gym during training or classes unless invited or in the event of an emergency (or parent & toddler sessions) No unauthorised personnel will be allowed in the training area.

* For safeguarding reasons, please do not take any photographs / videos from the balcony. 

Specific Circumstances: To ensure that our activities are accessible to all, if there is a cultural or religious reason for the wearing of specific attire that contravenes our dress code, please speak directly to your head coach (Justine) who will guide you through the exceptions process.

Gymnasts and parents alike should avoid intimidating or offensive behaviour. Gymnast and parents should avoid disparagement of the knowledge, abilities or performance of others. Accepted methods of raising concerns must be used where deemed necessary.

Behavioural Policy:

All members of J Star Gymnastics are expected to maintain a good standard of behaviour at all times and must treat all coaches and fellow gymnasts with respect. Should poor behaviour be displayed on a regular basis the coach will contact the parent / carer to ask that they are collected. Should this behaviour continue the participant will be asked to leave the club.

The full gymnast code of conduct can be found on our notice board, so please take a moment to read through with your child before class so they know what is expected of them.

Toilet Trips: We have toilets in the gym so children will be allowed to go at any point on there own during the lesson. Please encourage gymnasts to visit the toilet before class. There is a toilet right by the entrance into the gym, so a quick visit before class is advised. It would be helpful if parents could help support us in this in anyway possible.

* We do understand that with the younger children, accidents will happen and we have a policy of not making an issue of it when it does. Parents of gymnasts in Little Stars classes will be called down to take their children to the toilet if needed. 


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Contact number - 07557133394

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