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You leap across a huge drop like it isn’t there, sprint up a vertical wall then execute an epic back flip off the top. Are you showing off? Yeah maybe a little. But isn’t that the whole point? 

Ninja Stars is surprisingly easy to get into! And once you’re hooked, it’s almost impossible to stop. You’ll start by getting to grips with some of the basic techniques and jumps, then you’ll progress through our level system, working on more complicated free-running skills, acrobatics, bar skills, martial art kick’s and combo’s. 

We run sessions from 5-16 years old. J Star provides a safe & friendly environment with professional coaches to help kiddos learn. 


Ninja Stars is a fusion of Parkour, Gymnastics, Martial arts and Freestyle movements. The programme has been designed to give children the opportunity to focus their energy and develop grit and confidence through a progressive award scheme.


Our classes are fast paced and kids will get lots of turns learning a variety of flips, rolls, kicks and tricks. Obstacle courses, strength and balance circuits, fun challenges and games are included to create action packed, fun-filled classes for everyone.

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The Ninja Stars Award scheme


Children will learn a variety of flips, rolls, kicks and tricks combined with developing strength, agility and confidence that is developed through a progressive level system.


Our award scheme progresses through levels 1-6 stars. Starting on one star, ninja’s will learn basic kicks, rolls and freestyle movements. As Ninja’s progress through Level’s, they will be challenged with learning more complicated free-running skills, acrobatics, bar skills, martial arts kicks and combo’s and will develop strength and agility which will be tested with various fun challenges along the way.


Once children have completed all the skills in each level, they will be invited to Level UP. Level UP events (held on Sundays) give ninja’s the opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learnt in a fun style event which will include an obstacle course, revealed only for the first time that day! Ninja’s will have learnt the skills but they won’t know the course until it’s time to Level UP! At each Level UP event, they will be awarded with a certificate and their next level head band. They will then move up to the next level.


Unlike gymnastics competitions, the environment is more relaxed and the main focus is to give kids the chance to showcase skills to their families, without any pressure of being judged and win first place. Children will only be invited to Level UP once they have completed all their skills so each and every child will move up!


Please note: Whilst finalising this programme over lockdown and with uncertain times ahead, we realise that showcasing skills at Level UP events with families watching might not be possible initially so until then, we will have mini competitions during class with just the children and will start scheduling in events as soon as we are allowed to do so.

How do I book?

Taster session's can be booked through our Love admin booking system.

Use the link at the bottom of this newsletter


When will classes begin?

Week commencing Monday 5th October


How much will classes be?

One hour classes will be the same price as gymnastics which is currently only £21.63 per month.

If you decide to enrol, your first month fee's will include:

  • Trial £5.41

  • First months fees £21.63

  • One month notice period £21.63 (Your last month's fees)

Your monthly fee's will then be just be £21.63 a month. When you decide to leave, you cancel your direct debit and your last month fee's will already have been paid.

*No payment is taken until after your taster session and only once you've confirmed your happy to continue.

*If you have any siblings attending classes or just one child doing multiple classes, you receive a 5% discount.


Where will classes be held?

Classes will all run from our J Star Gymnastics venue in Larkhill.

When are these AWESOME classes?



16:30-17:30 * 5-7 years * BEGINNERS 

17:30-18:30 * 6-10 years * BEGINNERS

18:30-19:30 * 10-16 years * MIXED ABILITIES


18:30-19:30 * 10-16 years * MIXED ABILITIES


18:30-19:30 * 10-16 years * MIXED ABILITIES



16:00-17:00 * 4-6 years * BEGINNERS 

17:15-18:15 * 6-8 years * BEGINNERS 

18:30-19:30 *6-16 years *MIXED ABILITIES

(All classes are for Boys and Girls)

We have scope to open up more day's when our initial classes fill up.

If none of these classes suit, don't forget we also run gymnastics and Trampoline classes. Check out our awesome range of programmes on the class information tab of this website. 

As this is a new programme, it is likely that once children are enrolled and we've established what ability / level they are we may ask you to move classes to group abilities together. I suspect most children will be beginners but some of our older freestylers may need to change days / classes to ensure they are with similar abilities. We'll do this as we go.

Is Ninja Stars for boys AND girls?

YES! Boys were our initial target market, however we have decided to leave all classes open to boys and girls as we always had girls attend our freestyle class before lock down so we have decided to leave enrolment open to both.


To book a taster session, please click the link below:


A confirmation email will then be sent and you can attend as soon as possible.

Please note; if you already have an account on our Love Admin system with your email address, you won't be able to book on. Instead, email Justine with your child's name and class you'd like to book and she will book you in.

Any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards, Justine