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They key at the bottom, helps you to identify the age groups of each class. Once you've decided which class suits you best, click the link below to check availability and book a taster session. 

Booking a taster session:

When looking at the timetable above, take note of what the class group is called. When you click the link below, select that class group from the drop down menu, then choose the class which suits you best. Fill out the registration form, then you will be required to set up a direct debit pre authorisation with Go Cardless.

Payment will only be taken however upon confirmation you'd like to continue after your taster. 

Please be aware, if you decide to continue after your taster session, your taster session will be added onto your fee's. If you decide not to continue, there will be no charge and your information will be deleted. 


* Gymnasts in independent classes should have British Gymnastics membership. Please click on the information tab above for more details. 

* Our Parent & Child preschool classes start from Age 2, however we do accept children slightly younger if we think after there taster they will manage OK with the class. 


Click the PDF below to view our annual term dates. 

First is 2021-2022

Second is 2022-2023

Class Descriptions

Preschool Stars 2 & 3 years (Pay monthly)

The aim of this programme is to use gymnastics to introduce pre-school age children to exercise and sport in a fun filled, exciting and safe environment. Basic motor skills are targeted including balance, strength, flexibility, coordination as well as learning to learn, follow directions and work with others. Much of the equipment used is designed for little hands and little feet to gain the confidence to step out on bigger challenges.

We include themes in our preschool and little stars classes which add an extra element of fun!

All of our preschool classes are parent & child classes meaning one parent is fully involved throughout the class.


Little Stars 4 & 5 years (Pay monthly)


Little Stars is an ideal progression from our preschool class or as a beginner class. Groups are small and classes are themed which make them even more fun. Gymnast will love our themed musical warm ups, use of hand apparatus for stretching and conditioning and themed stations. Gymnasts will master basic gymnastic shapes, improve strength through fun games and begin to learn some beginner skills.

Children in this class will progress through preschool proficiency awards (Suitable for ages 3-5) which help develop physical, literacy and movement skills through a range of 40 different activities. Successful completion of a range of these activities leads to the award of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pre-School Proficiency Badge Levels. Gymnasts will then progress to the Core Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme.


Rising Stars 5-7 years (Pay monthly)


This class is an ideal progression from our Little Stars class or as a first experience for primary school age children. These structured hour-long sessions build on gymnastics knowledge and our coaches will help children become more confident on larger apparatus. During the term children will develop their skills on different apparatus including the floor, vault, bars and beam. Children will work through there BG Core proficiency Awards. We encourage every child to learn new skills thereby improving their confidence and self esteem. We endeavour to build a strong foundation from which sport and exercise will continue to be a part of each child’s lives in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Shooting Stars 8-16 years (Pay monthly)

This class is for older children who who want to participate in gymnastics with children their own age. This session is suitable for beginner / intermediate level gymnasts. Participants will work towards their core proficiency awards and advanced proficiency awards. Both boys and girls who participate in gymnastics build a strong physical fitness foundation that helps prepare them for all sports.


Mixed Stars 6-16 years (Pay monthly)


Mixed Stars is a combination of rising and shooting stars and is great for siblings who want to attend the same class but whose different ages don’t allow. All children in these class work towards Core Proficiency Awards. All children in these class work towards Core Proficiency Awards.


Trampolining 6-8 years & 8-16 years (Pay monthly)


Students will work through Trampoline Proficiency Awards, which develop fundamental actions, shapes and landings required for a lifetime of enjoyment and technical progress within the sport of trampoline gymnastics.


The Trampoline Proficiency Award is built around 15 levels, each offering a variety of skill development. We start coaching skills from Levels 6-10 which are suitable for Primary and Secondary children from 5 years and build on the actions from 1-5 through a set of challenging yet exciting skill sets.

Ninja Stars 5-16 years (Pay monthly)

Ninja Stars is a fusion of Parkour, Gymnastics, Martial arts and Freestyle movements. The programme has been designed to give children the opportunity to focus their energy and help kids develop grit and confidence through a series of levels. This programme is mostly targeted at boys, but some classes will include girls.

Our classes are fast paced and kids will get lots of turns learning a variety of flips, rolls, kicks and tricks. Obstacle courses, strength and balance circuits, fun challenges and games are included to create action packed, fun-filled classes for everyone. 

Development Squads 4-16 years (Pay monthly)


Our development squads train 4 hours a week and enter into competitions. We invite children from regular sessions who are hardworking, self-motivated and who we think have potential to develop more advanced skills. In these session’s gymnasts will focus on strength, flexibility, body tension, shaping and technical ability which will enable them to master basic skills more precisely. This will ensure a safe and progressive pathway onto more advanced skills. Places in the squad are limited and are offered on an invite only basis.

Baby Gym - 8 weeks to just walking (Drop in session)

This is a 45 minute class for babies and their parents/ carers.

Baby Gym is a baby gymnastics programme designed to provide a sound foundation for baby's physical, social and emotional development and is suitable for babies from 8 weeks to walking. A typical session will consist of musical warm ups and creative play to stimulate senses and body awareness, skill development such as rolling, sitting, crawling, exploration areas, musical cool down and the chance to chat and socialise with other carers and babies. No need to book, just turn up and pay.

‘POP’ - Preschool Open Play – Walking to 5 years (Drop in session)

‘POP’ sessions are non-structured drop in sessions for members and non-members. Enjoy an action packed session of bouncing, climbing and exploring our fully equipped gym with your child. This is a parental supervised open play session. No need to book, just turn up and pay.

Teen Gym -12-17 years (Drop in session)

Teen Gym is a drop in session on a Thursday night. (£6 PAYG Cash only)